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To all those people that say, this commercial is racist you need to be ashamed of yourself. Why? Because people like you make other people's life really hard. I'll tell all of you something. I'm not black and I am absoulutely not white. I've seen racism towards myself and others from both sides, but I'm so damn proud of who I am and where I came from that I am not offended from what anybody says about me. I'm actually flattered because they talk about me because most times they want to be just like me. Ain't that right? Would you talk about somebody you don't really care much of. I think not.

One of my co-workers always complain everytime our supervisor told us that we had a job to do. He used to say that the only reason he tells me to do this is because I'm so and so. I'm not even going to say it because I think it's utterly stupid. He uses this as an excuse because he is lazy. He drove me insane, so I asked him why don't you just quit? You know what he said? Oh, the money is good.

Racism used to be a word that had real meaning. Something that would bring people together to stand up for what they believe in and try to change the world to make it a better place. Now it's all about trying to get out of something that they don't want to do or an excuse to sue somebody and make a quick buck.

You should go ask Kevin Garnett why he would make a commercial that he would make such a racist commercial towards his own race. He'll probably laugh and say that you are a moron. Like C. Aleshire said, Kevin Garnett got paid damn well for making that commercial.


This commercial is not nearly as curious as gatorades evolution commercial showing peyton manning as the pinnacle of evolution, preceded by black athletes. It looks like a commercial for eugenics. So maybe this commercial alone is not bad but in combination with others

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