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Anthony Valenti

Why Oh Why did Gatorade start putting High Frucose Corn Syrup in their product?

I relied so much on it's benificial ingredience to sustain me for so many years. I have always been a hugh proponent of Gatorade, but now sadly I must look elsewhere.

You have done a disservice to mankind.


OH NO! When did this happen?

Andy James

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Anthony, chalk it up to American taste for sweets. Personally I would trade excessive fructose for the potential loss of essential electrolytes found in Gatorade. While the world hydrates itself with bottle after bottle of purified water I prefer to remain healthy with electrolyte replenishment. IMO Gatorade doesn't provide enough information on the importance of electrolytes (beyond sodium) in their marketing materials and scientific research.

As far as fructose is concerned, sugar is a double-edged sword. The brain alone is among the most energy consuming organs of the body. Combined with the rest of the nervous system and under athletic physically active conditions it is probably tied for first place with the skeletal and cardiovascular muscles. These all require a lot of energy. And the primary form of energy is glucose. The degree and rapidity by which a carbohydrate affects blood glucose is called glycemic index. Two forms of sugar may provide the same amount of energy (i.e. calories) but affect blood glucose very differently. Consuming actual glucose results in a certain rise in blood glucose concentration. This increase is given a glycemic index measurement of 100, and is considered the benchmark against which all other foods are measured. Foods that exceed 60 cause an enormous spike in insulin, as the body attempts to bring blood sugar down to manageable levels. But the spike in insulin causes a near complete depletion of blood sugar. This is undesirable for athletes, since the brain and muscles depend on a steady supply of glucose for optimal performance.

Please note that fructose is the best conduit for creating glucose in the body.


It happened in Nov. 2006, but it wasn't a decision made by Gatorade. Pepsico started using it. They have promised to take it out and go back to the original glucose-sucrose solution.


Robert is right. Funny how it all worked out. Hopefully they really do follow through and change it back. :)

P.S. GO Gators!


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