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Gatorade Coupon

I don't think Accelerade will do well because it's too expensive and based on something that is inconclusive. It will be an up hill battle for Cadbury Shweppes to take on Gatorade because of their large market share.



I think people will pay more if they perceive better performance. I also think availability will be key. Accelerade is competing with Gatorade Endurance Formula more than it is with the standard thirst quencher product, and you can't find that anywhere in stores, at least where I live in NC. If Accelerade has wide distribution, it will do well.


Gatorade is mostly High Fructose Corn Syrup aka the devil. I'm down on Gatorade because they've left the athlete and hydration for a sweet syrup and hype.

sal m

actually accelerade is on to something and offers a product that is superior to gatorade. while they do have a battle on their hands, at the grassroots level i think accelerade is making in-roads. the inclusion of protein in their formulation makes a lot of sense and is certainly better for recovery for football players, wrestlers, lax players and other athletes who aren't engaged in strictly endurance-basead activities.


John, sugar is a double-edged sword. The brain is among the most energy consuming organs of the body. Combined with the rest of the nervous system and under athletic physically active conditions it is probably tied for first place with the skeletal and cardiovascular muscles. These all require a lot of energy. And the primary form of energy is glucose. The degree and rapidity by which a carbohydrate affects blood glucose is called glycemic index. Two forms of sugar may provide the same amount of energy (i.e. calories) but affect blood glucose very differently. Consuming actual glucose results in a certain rise in blood glucose concentration. This increase is given a glycemic index measurement of 100, and is considered the benchmark against which all other foods are measured. Foods that exceed 60 cause an enormous spike in insulin, as the body attempts to bring blood sugar down to manageable levels. But the spike in insulin causes a near complete depletion of blood sugar. This is undesirable for athletes, since the brain and muscles depend on a steady supply of glucose for optimal performance. While other products are made with high fructose corn syrup or sucrose, which have glycemic indices well above 60, Gatorade does contain an excessive amount of sugar. This can create a spike in insulin and the subsequent depletion of glucose from the bloodstream. The result should be a steadier, more reliable flow of blood glucose to the muscles, brain and other tissues of the body, a much better scenario for athletes. When I was competing Gatorade was much lower in fructose than it is in its current formulation.

From Accelerade's nutritional facts I see that they have 36 grams of "sugar" vs. 43 grams of fructose in the same serving size of Gatorade. Hardly a low glycemic indicator delta plus if this is refined sugar that is much worse for your performance then fructose. I think you need to get your facts correct before you post.

Kent Peterson

The Accelerade folks are also trying to seed the blogosphere by giving out samples of their product, and doing other online promotions. This doesn't always work out the way they intended. See:


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Now that is competition.

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Gatorade is still the best for me, but its good to have competition though.

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Oh thanks God Gatorade has not accelerade, because my boyfriend and me love to drink Gatorade, is the best energetic drink that I ever have tasted, My boyfriend, who plays tennis, needs Gatorade every day. So I have to show this news to my lovely boyfriend.

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the war between of these two brand maybe it's near to end, or well to get worst, maybe if Gatorade can get that little accelarade can beat the other brand, in my case and all my like I prefered Gatorade for many reason but the one that I remember soo well is because I saw Michael Jordan in him best time drinking Gatorade.

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I think that Gatorade is one of the best drinks for athletes, it has better ingredients and acelerate it's function in each body. I can prove this 'cause I use to play volleyball and Gatorade provide me the energy neccesary to play a game.

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I prefer Gatorade because is better, more natural
cheap, and because it taste amazing.
Accelerade doesn't have all those things

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I personally like Vitamin water..I wouldn’t go working out with it though. I mostly drink it just to drink something other than soda..I would rather go working out with Gatorade. That is a better product without a doubt to go working out with..either that or Powerade.

Gatorade coupons

I'm with the Gatorade fans. The High Fructose Corn Syrup doesn't really bother me that much and it still taste great. I found some great Gatorade coupons at That makes Gatorade even better in my book.

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Gatorade always does the trick for me, If you work out enough you have to have something other than water.

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What a wonderful blog you have created. I just stopped in to tell you I really appreciated the read and shall be dropping by from time to time now.

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