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Garry Cannon

Since fast food chains have started to provide healthier meal choices I don't think it would hurt the Gatorade image to have it offered up with your meal, even at McDonalds.

There is one market that Gatorade might want to chase a little more, and they might just catch them at the local McD or KFC... The regular hard working folks you see building roads and buildings, or anyone working outdoors in the sun. At one point in my career I did some site surveys on buildings in hot places like Florida and California. At first I was taking a big bottle of water up with me and shortly after hitting the middle of the bottle I was looking for the John, and a new cold bottle of water 'cause warm water from a plastic bottle is not pleasent. I started taking the biggest bottle of Gatorade Fierce Lime I could find(how I wish to see the return of Fierce Lime), and never took another bottle of water to work again... I wish I could have got my hands on some Gatorade when I was doing field work in Peru and Pakistan.

If I found it helped me on my 4 or 5 hour roof top surveys, I'm sure some guy baking himself on fresh blacktop for 8 hours might appreciate the refreshment and fewer trips to the ripe port-a-potty. I found that first bottle of Fierce Lime at a service station, in the fridge beside the pop and beer, and probably had to pass a few racks to chips and snacks to get to it. A few hours later I probably would have been grabbing lunch at a McDonalds.


Does anyone know what the song is from the new Gatorade AM commercial featuring, Mia Ham, Peyton Manning, and Kevin Garnett as the milkman?


Tonight me and my buddies (we're all wrestlers, probably people who love Gatorade the most haha) were talking about Gatorade. I'm not really sure how but that's besides the point. I brought up Fierce Lime and how it tasted like melted Jell-O and nobody was firmilar with it. I was it shock and needed to find proof that it was real. So I did a little google search and found that I was not crazy and that there are still people out there that love Fierce Lime. It was by far my favorite after weigh in drink my freshmen year of high school.
Not really a website but it should be.


Fierce Lime was actually my favorite fierce flavor.

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That's a great idea, Gatorade is more healthy than sodas

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And did you know that the fast food and casual dining restaurants you eat in every day have secret menu items? A select few are in on the secret and now you are a part of this culinary elite. We aren't just talking about the barely secret In-N-Out Burger "hold the bread, lettuce wrapped burger,” oh no. We have items all over town, including an unhealthy smoothie at Jamba Juice and a San Francisco-only Mc10:35. The Consumerist is all over this, and now you can be too!!!

Lawrence Alvarado

I also Like fierce lime, it is the only liquid that I can keep down when I am sick to my stomach.

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Thank you so much Tim. I really do appreciate your feedback. I'm still struggling with the technology but I wish everyone all luck with this competition. I've been pinned down with a sick grandchild and today a very sick daughter - both with gastric flu which afflicts us all at this time of year - so this is the first moment I've had to get to the computer.




In many local high schools, pop machines have been replaced but only with Gatorade.

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