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I had a bottle of Gatorade AM and I must say the flavor was very light. It would be perfect as a before AM workout drink. I also thought the drink had less sodium than regular Gatorade, which also made it easy to drink early in the morning.


I had a bottle of Gatorade AM and I must say the flavor was very light. It would be perfect as a before AM workout drink. I also thought the drink had less sodium than regular Gatorade, which also made it easy to drink early in the morning.

Greg DeSantis

Regarding my comment in the previous blog post, I'm feeling more and more like Watermelon Ice is out. I was at the local Big Y supermarket last night, and it was gone from their shelves as well. Is Watermelon Ice available anywhere anymore?

Greg DeSantis

Watermelon Ice has also been removed from the Gatorade website. Buy it while you can...

Todd Charske yes Todd Charske!

Doesn't the regular drink hydrate you? I'm confused here.

- Todd Charske


Yes, regular Gatorade does hydrate you. Gatorade AM has a less intense flavor so it is easier to drink/digest in the morning.

Jim A

They have Peyton Manning making the rounds to promote Gatorade AM, he was on Mike & Mike this morning...


The new Gatorade AM ad with Kevin Garnett immediately disturbed me:


Thanks for sharing!

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Steven S. Hanks, MB, RMT

Are you guy's NUTS or just endorsed (paid) by Pepsi?
Gatorade has a PH of about 2.9
Your BODY is about 7.3
Water is about 7.2
Extreme X20 is about 9.9....
Gatorade DEHYDRATES the cells.
X20 HYDRATES the Cells.
Gatorade is BANNED here on the Soccer and Football fields and Hockey Arena's.
Kids are crammping, collapsing, experiencing irregular heart beats and some have died...(dehydration).
This is NOTHING new, but like the DRUG companies, when you have deep pockets and can pay people to endorse your products, the Market is yours, regardless if its healthy or not....

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idn but if you inject beer into the vine it be huge or maybe thats pumkins lol anyway i was watching on tv late one night that if you grow it in glass, it will grow the shape of the also wont have any light spots where it sat on the ground

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I've been eating a lot of watermelon for the past few months (all
purchased from the same source), and I've noticed that afterward my
mouth sometimes tastes like mothballs. I'm wondering if there's a
connection. Are trace amounts of naphthalene (the poison used in
mothballs) naturally found in watermelon? Can watermelons become
contaminated with naphthalene? If not, why might I be experiencing
this mothball taste? (There are no mothballs in my home.)

Puma Clyde

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Hi, gatorade it's very good when you finish exersicing but i had a question all of you know the sugar it's energy for the body but if this gatorade had much sugar will be more energetic at the time you drink it ?

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I heard that Gatorade has not accelerade, and it is very good because my brother and me love to drink Gatorade, is the best energetic drink that I ever have tasted, My bother, who plays soccer, needs Gatorade every day. This news is perfect for all the persons who buy Gatorade.

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steven Hanks

Is nobody reading, researching or listening???????????
GATORADE is VERY ACIDIC. When this happens, the body starts to shut down...
It starts to strip the minerals from your teeth, bones, Muscles and tendons.
Look it up....

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This is such a great thing to hear "Here's what it says: "Research shows that about 50% of exercisers aren't fully hydrated before their morning workout. For those athletes, there's Gatorade A.M. With no caffeine, Gatorade A.M. contains the same scientifically proven formula as Gatorade Thirst Quencher with flavors developed to appeal to you in the morning." more power...

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