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Greg Lafont

As a extreme NBA fan, this commercial has got to be one of the best i've seen for a while...good job!


Well Greg. It certainly has a lot of people talking.

patrick lawrence

i like it alot. because d wade is such a quiet guy, not a self promoter, like so many young atheletes these days, its a commercial spot that puts some humor to him and shows him in a different light. When putting this out, along with the documentary style commercial by converse, the wireless phone spot with Barkley, and the Lincoln Nav commercial, it gives him a more well rounded public image to build on as one of the new superstars of sports.

This spot, specifically, doesnt actually show the usual Gatorade green or blue sweat, is funny and gives him the spotlight similar to the way they did for D Jeter or M Jordan. Needless to say I liked it alot.

Kevin L. Williams

My 10 year old son, Brandon, is a huge NBA fan. When he saw Wade's new Gatorade commercial, he laughed hysterically for about 10 minutes. We both spent the rest of the NBA All-Star Weekend trying to catch the commerical again. I think that speaks to the appeal of the commerical...and the lack of appeal of the All-Star Weekend. It's a great commerical.

karl cooper

very funny commercial by a very good person and outstanding athlete. this is the best commercial i've seen, it's has an all round appeal. (realistic/funny)


is it just me or is good Dwyane a dead ringer for Mars Blackman?


Thanks for sharing!

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Dwayne Wade is not the proper person to do a gatorade announcement, a bad marketing site.

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I like the comercial, he is so hot!

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I like it because it gets people talking, and he is so hot....

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Gatorade campaigns are always interesting, i like this one.

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Oh my God!! He is so hot...


Gatorade campaigns are always very aggressive.

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I've always liked Gatorade commercials but this is my favorite.

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Dwyane your photo is priceless hahaha I laugh a lot about that.

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He is a real man, I love you sweety!!! And the commercial is great.

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Dwayne can you tell me about gatorade's formula ?


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I love gatorade's announces on Christmas

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Great commercial Dwayne !!

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