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You can get young coconut at Whole Foods at a high price or at Asian markets often on sale. They are white, have a rather unusual shape. You will need a sharp knife or cleaver to open it.

It is very very unfortunate when sugared-up artificial toxic drinks start tasting better to the body than something naturally sweet and nourishing. Candy bars/soft drinks are so overwhelmingly sweet compared to what people ate for thousands of years, but in the modern West we have gotten very used to that level of sugar in a short amount of time. Very frightening.


it really blows my mind how people think coconut water tastes so hideous... the image i get is of brat children thinking green beans and corn are gross for dinner and are getting fat waiting for the cake at dessert, and looking forward to future diabetes.

sorry, i could get a lot meaner... and relate your diet to the rest of your life. i just feel at times so alone in a sea of freaks. these types that hate coco water are the type of people that are so jacked on sugar and artificial flavorings that they are calibrated to a level that nothing in its natural state would even taste good. maybe an orange, but how about something with a low glycemic index???

anyway, my rant. i just get so pissed. for no good reason.

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