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The only explanation I can think of for a product like this is that it is targeted for the "serious" athlete. One that spends hours per day training for an event like a marathon or a long triathlon. Some of these athletes will wake themselves up at night to get a drink of water so that when they wake in the morning, they are closer to being fully hydrated.

For the "everyday" athlete, I think this product is useless.

Behn Kerslake

The fact that 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart' highlighted what was written on the back of the bottle, comparing it to 'Pancakes and Sausages - on a stick!' says that Gatorade may soon be releasing a new product which is eerily similar in flavour and content to Gatorade AM, but with a different name.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Gatorade have learnt nothing from 'new coke'!


Was this on the Daily Show?


Here is the link to the Daily Show clip about Gatorade AM:


I get on a Gatorade kick once in a while. I'm not an athlete, but I'm a farmer, and it's hard to get something without caffeine and without carbonation that tastes good. The new A.M. is just another bit of evidence that the accountants always end up making decisions at corporations since they are the only ones who understand tax accounting enough to make themselves look good and get promoted to the top.
It always comes down to how we pay for things, and the hidden costs of the income tax code, and how it has created horrible ideas that get pushed through our lizard brains by tax-deductible marketing blitzes.


Thanks for the link. We're going to get to the bottom of this.

Todd Charske

Wow harsh words. I agree though its the financial not the health that makes a difference. Although can you blame them. If you could make a couple million would you?

- Todd Charske

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