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Having sold Sunbolt in the Philadelphia market the problems with the program (not the product) were: 1. marketing on the cheap, 2. projecting volume to high out of the gate (24/11.6oz. should have been a 12/11.6oz. pack) 3. the purchase of Snapple took the attention of Quaker and they lost focus. they may have had a winner but a few mistakes doomed the product. See me explain it to my high school marketing class

Josh Reeder

If you are someone who is into working out then you should take it upon yourself to read the ingredients in the bottle and have the intelligence to know what they are. Gatorade is simply an electrolyte, carbohydrate beverage. The carbs are for immediate energy use and glycogen stores in both skeletal muscle and the liver. The electrolytes are for the maintinence of the osmotic balance of both your blood and interstitial fluid so that your Renal function isn't affecting your hydration (like what can occur with water). I don't know why people think am should have something different in it. Also why are people so upset about marketing? Since when did any corporation care about their employers or customers. Bottom line is net sales minus running costs.

Josh Reeder

Also if you dont think your body is metabolically active and your kidneys are functioning while sleeping you are ignorant in A and P. It's a basic concept that your body is striving for homeostasis even during sleep. Part of these involuntary physiological mechanisms is the bodies attempt to remain hydrated, which can be altered by changed osmoality or increased temperatures in the body.


I almost with you Josh Reeder . You well said. Thanks for post. I impressed. Water is essential for hydrating our body. It makes us active.


When those companies that have a well-recognized brand wants to exploit it in different derived products generally generates a negative image for the product and the company.

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