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Jim A

Muscle Milk has been around for a while in powdered form, the Ready to Drink (RTD)has been a more recent addition. They have also signed Laird Hamilton to an endorsement deal that runs in Outside/Men's Journal/etc...


do not blog for espn anymore/

Jim A

where can I find you nowadays?

Also meant to say earlier that Muscle Milk is used by a lot of weight lifters and gym rats to build/repair muscle


Jim and Darren -- I moved to CNBC in July. You can watch me on the network or you can follow my sports biz blog on

Todd Charske

I'd say the market for Gatorade is the masses not the elite athlete. Although they market it through elite athletes. Sorry for disagreeing, but I'll bet you sell more to the millions/billions of non elite athletes then to the couple hundred maybe thousand elite athletes in this world. It's a numbers game!

Todd Charske

Todd Charske

Good point abeing out this drink being for elite athletes (sorry I think I read it wrong to begin with) that many calories would make the average person fat.

Todd Charske

Michael B

why don't you talk about a drink that actually has more funcationality than gatorade or milk...vitaminwater. it's all natural and doesn't provide the high content of sodium that really isn't healthy for you. besides...they have better flavors and after taste than gatorade. i use to only drink gatorade until i was introduced to vitaminwater.

Todd Charske

Wow Michael B going out on a limb on the Gatorade website. Good point though no one really needs the sodium.

- todd Charske

Todd Charske

FYI I don't think either have much taste!

terry bradschaw

pickle juice is da shizzy na adda meen green bean tak 1 fo da team charlie scheen

Protein Fiend

Muscle Milk and Gatorade are apples and oranges, you can't compare them. Cytomax and Gatorade however are a different story. Also made by CytoSport, Cytomax has a great following in endurance sports and contains 80% less sugar per serving than big G.

For repair of muscle tissue from exercise nothing beats a good combination of protein, carbs and healthy fats (Muscle Milk). This is not just for elite athletes guys.

Todd Charske

Hey protein you can compare anything you want.

I could compare a knat to an atomic bomb if I wanted.

here there are similarities - both sports drinks that target athletes. Although I'd say Gatorade really sells to the masses.

- Todd Charske


Sodium is a critical for hydration, that's why it's in Gatorade.


@Todd - most people's diets are already heavy in sodium, potassium and other electrolytes. Gatorade has no advantage over milk in that category.


The fact that gatorade even claims to build muscle is so redic, what a joke! Its flavored water with a dash of sodium, joke!

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