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Todd Charske

Cool commercial

Todd Charske!


Hey, didn't I also catch a glimpse of Kevin Garnett in the commercial too?

Darren Rovell

yeah, he's in there. Forgot about that one.


I like this commercial even my seven year old likes it too. Now he wants to drink Gatorade all the time.

Darren Rovell

That's the idea.

Thomas Hunt

I think it is a Great commercial. This is something you don't mind seeing. A little good clean comedy commercial.


Its a great laugh....


I love this commercial. My husband and I argued over who the stars were (he won), and that was actually the reason for the visit to this sight (internet search to resolve the bet). I think its an awesome commercial and often look forward to seeing it.


I love this commercial!!!!!!!!!!! This commercial is awesome! I wish to see more commercials like this one.
Just a few ideas you all can have real children from houston texas do a story about how gatorade became so popular for sports fans and athletes


Our family loves this one. It's almost as good as Gatorade's "Home is where the heart is" a few years ago.


This is the best commercial! It deserves and award.


This is the best commercial! It deserves an award.


I realy like this commercial but insted of putting like famuos people you could of had try-outs to chose the people. The is a lot of people that have talats here we would realy like to be part of your commertial. I'm 14 years old and I realy like your product, if you like my idea and decide to try it i live in New Jersey, thank you anyway...Im one of those girls in r city....
Keep it up...
(/keep it....couse i realy like your product )i realy wouldent want your product to fail....
if you like my idea... i have much more... i ll mail you too.


I'm surprised I haven't heard complaints about it being racist because the black guy is the milkman.

But yeah, it's cute. I enjoyed it.


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