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"the majority of Gatorade's bottles are purchased by men and boys, it isn't too beneficial to intentionally shape your product like a piece of male anatomy."

Well, history has shown us that the majority of phallic worship has been by males. In the ancient times, swords and daggers were often phallic shaped to represent the masculinity of their weilders. In mythology, many warrior and fertility gods--Freyr in Nordic cultures, Hermes in Greek, Shiva in pre- and post-Hindu India--were shown as constantly erect. The great Roman general Julius Caesar, considered for thousands of years to be the epitome of masculinity, towed a giant margble phallus behind his chariot during his triumphant parade through the Roman city.

In more modern times, Sigmund Freud, "the father of psychoanalysis" saw idolation of the penis to be "almost universal." In his novel "The Sun Also Rises" author Ernest Hemingway also explored the male fixation with the phallus.

So, Mr. Rovell, while it would be a stretch to say that the Gatorade company definitely had a phallic shape in mind, it would be equally absurd to state that they definitely did not or that this similarity would negatively affect sales to males, young or old.


In ancient times, when people felt bad they used to eat poo to try to feel better. Most of them died. Just because people have done things in the past doesn't mean a whole lot. I think the "phallic shape" is used so often because it just a logical shape to make things you want to poke through.


I see a silly argument like this as an opportunity.
There is a way to make this work int he favor of Gatorade.
Without being overt or gross or nudge-nudge wink-wink.
But there's a way to make this great.

Simone deMontfort

Sexual imagery is everywhere in advertising. Check out the Acura logo - it's a vagina.

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I find very funny this comment about How Phallic Are Gatorade Bottles?

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these gatorade bottles haves a phallic shape ? I never notice that before.

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Also the coke bottle haves the curves of a woman.


Its curious the bottle of gatorade doesn't have the same shape in our country

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I just drink gatorade and don't think about it.


Phallic gatorade bottles? WTF are these executive are crazy ?

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Ergonomic excuse doesn't convince me


These mind games of Gatorade are a very interesting strategy.

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I think that this kind of things isn't important, the most important is that is a healthy drink.

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Not to mention the fact that, considering the majority of Gatorade's bottles are purchased by men and boys, it isn't too beneficial to intentionally shape your product like a piece of male anatomy.

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I just drink gatorade and don't think about it.

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I think that those are ways to caught the attention of buyers because it is a publicity that comes to your minds through hide messages in this case the shape of the product that it is a factor that indirectly influence on that.


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