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Peter Wojewnik

There's no reason to be skeptical about advertised hangover cures. You just have to pick the right one. Give it a try before forming any skepticism and keep in mind that the price of a bottle bottle and the price of one dose of an effective hangover cure would still end up cheaper than a bottle of gatorade... and be much more effective and healthier for you!

To learn more about how the hangover works and what works best visit


I just started to get hangover, i don't know maybe age is catching up with me and at least now i know what everyone else has been complaining about! I have found something that works for me though. It's actually a suppliment I've been drinking and gatorade and works for me within 15 mins. i left it below. let me know how it works for you.

Skit's Hangover Cure!
4oz of Body Balance
32oz of Gatorade
Best if taken seperately and can be taken morning or night.

Takes me about 15 mins to regain my sense of life. All I know is that it works... Fast!

email for info on where to get Body Balance or read up on it at (id 20574206)


The above URL to the hangover and what works best has been updated to

hangover remedy

Chaser and vodka works for me. Plus it taste good.


so what did you say ?

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I live in the UK, and I know that a favourite of the Brits is the traditional full English. But do the aussies have a fave hangover cure that's any different

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