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I can't imagine that they didn't notice the book on the site but who knows it is Slate. Since your are the business reporter for ESPN and they are getting NASCAR next year have you thought about a book on financing a Cup team or now the hardest thing in the world a Busch team? Man those guys are getting flogged by the BuschWackers. Then again ESPN get exclusive access to Busch so it may work in. I have read Larry Macs book, the cheating book. It is such a closed society much like Baseball and Football. Then again they don't want to irritate the omnipresent NASCAR family.


If I did a book on financing a cup team, I'd focus exclusively on the field fillers. These guys like Kirk Shelmerdine are absolutely amazing. How a guy like that is even on the track given the gap in revenues and spending is among the most amazing things happening in the sports today. I mean the guy basically finished 20th in the Daytona 500 using cooking oil!

infomercial producer

Yeah, I think ESPN will get exclusive access to Busch so it may work in. That would be awful!

Daniel Ferris

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