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TM nerd

"Intent to use" is just a special way of applying for a trademark before you've actually used the mark in trade. The "normal" way to get a trademark is to first attach the mark to your goods/services first and sell them, but you are allowed to file "intent to use" on the mark which is then fertilized by an actual use sometime later. It's just a way of establishing that you are first in line even though you are not able to actually make a sale or whatever just yet.

I think that this "fertilization" might only possible within a certain time frame (I might be wrong)if you looked up the relevant times in the trademark statutes you might be able to figure out when they were planning to launch sales using the "A.M." mark.

tang wrangler

I just had the gatorade a.m. its ok. Not really sure what the difference is but I was mad wasted last night and pounded one to wake up in good shape. there are at least two flavors. I give it a passing grade.


I am impressed that you posted this before this hit the shelves.... I don't know why I'm impressed. Maybe cuz you are the #1 hit on Google when you google "gatorade am" without the quotes. Maybe just cuz you saw it. hah. good job. Get an advertiser quick! Make a dozen grand or so.


I am the Gatoradeguy. I do report on Gatorade. And thanks to a loyal reader, we nailed this Gatorade A.M. report a full eight months before it hit shelves. Now we're just waiting for Gatorade Peak to hit. When it does, I'll be on top of it first.


replinished my fluids!


The Orange-Strawberry was ... a Gatorade! Not much on taste difference. I hope the ingredients are better for me than the old-faitful Gatorade. I'll try it for a week or two.

Could be SOG in new suit! ;)


despite being marketed as a "morning drink," are the nutritional contents of Gatorade A.M. any different from original gatorade?

infomercial services

I hope the ingredients are better for me than the old-faitful Gatorade. I'll try it for a week or two.

Daniel Ferris

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