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Personally I think it takes away the credibility of the product by being sold in the grocery store or gas station. Any joe schmoe can buy the product and think it was for them. Weather they run or not.

If Gatorade was smart they would have focused on stores like GNC. Then get a buzz about the product from runners and cyclers. Before pushing the product into a grocery store.

Darren Rovell

I agree. There is totally no buzz on this product. By going to the mass market right away, they ruined that. I also don't think it is for enough people to have it in the supermarket and it just confuses people.


They have very little space dedicated to this product at my local Publix in Orlando. Winn Dixie is the same. Publix does not sell 32oz Gatorade or if it does only for special sales like now Lime Orange and Fruit Punch 10/10.00. The interesting part is Publix is 20. oz different flavors 64 oz and 1 gallon. 5 rows on top for endurance. Another interesting part the Endurance formula is usually the only Squeeze bottle with the top in the wrack at my the couple of C-Stores in my local area. They have Xfactor regular in the same container but endurance is the only Lemon-Lime. My kids love the bottles and lemon line.. Guess what I buy for them??

Darren Rovell

As I wrote in my book, bottles and packaging is a big buying determinant. It's almost ridiculous how much of a factor it is.


There are other uses for the endurance formula. I have an eating disorder and minor disturbances my elextrolyte levels, not enough to need rx supplementation but enough I get cramping and fatigue. My dietitian recomended gatorade and the endurance formula specifically. It helps tremendously.

I also live in a city, Eugene OR, where there are lots of runners and cyclists so I wouldn't be suprised if the stock I see on the shelves is being used by endurance athletes.


I'm not a professional athlete but I suffer from migrain head aches often and I'm so glad this endurance formula is on the shelves even if i do have a hard time finding it. I have noticed since I started drinking it my migrains are less intense when I do have them. Those electrolytes seem to really help, especially since I am unable to take any migrain meds.


Coming into the summer months training for an Ironman, I am finding it hard to find Gatorade Endurance. King Soopers (Kroger) and Albertson's in Denver, Colorado, do not carry it. Safeway and Target do carry it. Currently, both stores have very small stocks of Endurance- maybe 10-20 bottles in 2 rows of each flavor.

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