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johnmoore (from Brand Autopsy)

Darren, how about keeping and maintaining a blog linking to your columns and other musings on the sports business scene?


Sorry to read that you will be stopping the blog. I ahve really enjoyed reading your thoughts on Gatorade.

My initial thought on this was whether or not Darren deciding to stop writing the blog was due to this comment from's ombudsman in a late May article:

Darren Rovell's Weblog about Gatorade -- done independent of the Gatorade company and ESPN -- still looks very commercial, and raises questions from viewers about its propriety. Rovell, who covers sports business for and appears on ESPN's networks, also wrote a book on Gatorade that Executive Editor Patrick Stiegman said was "independent of his role with ESPN," as is his work with the Gatorade blog.

Stiegman added that Rovell's work on Gatorade, both on the book and the blog, is "unauthorized (by Gatorade) and offers a balanced view on developments in the sports drink niche. Darren has been both forthright and careful in his handling of this project." Rovell's coverage of sports business has been aggressive, clever and generally admired. His association, in my view, with the Gatorade site, on top of a writing a book on the subject, isn't helping his reputation, or that of ESPN.

The full article can be found here:


It's sad to see the blog come to an end. As someone who has worked on Gatorade for about 2 years I just wanted to say thank you.


Kirk, I assure you, this had nothing to do with the Ombudsman's comments. As I said in my goodbye note, it was more about the investment of time.

David Evertsen


I am really going to miss your blog. I enjoy reading you on ESPN but this is a really cool place. Thanks for taking the time to start it and work on it and reply to our comments. I really enjoyed your book as well. Keep up the good work and give Colin a hard time for me next time you are on with him.

Greg DeSantis

My wife and I will certainly miss the site and your commentary. It was fun to watch and comment as you patrolled the front lines of the Gatorade front. Good luck, and have fun out there.


Good luck at CNBC, Darren!

Vik Dalvi

enjoyed the blog and your sports business work @ espn...all the best @ CNBC...hope you will still have a web presence...

Kaly Harward

Although I only posted one comment I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed the blog since I found it. I also have enjoyed your work on ESPN, and sorry to say I guess I am not that informed with your move to CNBC. Can you give any details?
Thanks again.


Sure. I've moved on to CNBC after six great years at and ESPN. I'll be on a variety of their programs, but I'll most often appear on their 7pm and 11 pm ET show "On the Money." I hope you'll check it out.

Todd Charske

See ya dude. Good luck!

Todd Charske

Todd Charske

Got any good jobs with gatoraide?

Todd Charske

Todd Charske

Dude get that porn stuff of the site! I hate how it's by my name!

Todd Charske

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Just found this blog, too bad I didn't find it last year though.

Todd Charske

What is wrong with you people and the websites junk all over this site?

Todd Charske

Todd Charske

Thanks for cleaning up the site!

Todd Charske

Todd Charske

Darren remember the end is just the beginnng of a new exciting career.

Good luck Man,

Todd Charske

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