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David Evertsen

I believe you are correct on this but how do you explain your next post with them going after the NHL. It is not that important anymore the NHL is not getting the ratings even Wrestling gets.. Well those are huge..


yea Dwyane wade.luv him kiss him meet him cuz nobody can beat him!!


I think...faget that... I kno Dwyane is one of the best players in the league, atleast in the top 5. He ain the next MJ, Lebron aint and carmelo ain no where close cuz there will never be another MJ!! But Dwyane is gifted wit great skills and the perfect body and looks and a remarkably cute smile, fast it the dude is sexy. Luv him always hopes he stay wit tha heats for ever!!!O yea incase u didnt get that its DWYANE WADE!!! and dont u forget that name, i dont think you will be able to anyway.

Todd Charske

The USA team could use some help any ideas?

Todd Charske

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