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John Dillon

Pepsi is about to get its ass kicked new week in a major lawsuit with Glaceau. If Glaceau gets a restraining order against Pepsi that wont't be too good for their image or the stock.

I say we short Pepsi on Tuesday may 2nd

Mike Intagliata

I tried that Sobe water it taste like garbage. They really tried to knock off Vitamin Water. If I was Gatorade I would be more concerned about Vitamin Water than anything else. Sobe or Pepsi is going to get their tail kicked by the taste of the real Glaceau Vitamin Water


Life Water tastes a little bit more watery that Vitamin Water. I don't think it's a slam dunk deal. Did they copy it? Yes. Is there confusion? I'm not sure. There are plenty of competitive products that taste the same.

Christine (wife of Greg DeSantis and drinker of Vitamin Water while Greg is drinking Gatorate)

At a store down street from me, Life Water is stocked with Vitamin Water. They are literally mixed together, and the owner seems to think they are the same thing- he is stocking only one or the other depending on color. I was not happy to find out that my favorite Vitamin flavor was not in the cooler because had been replaced by the same color of Life Water. At least one person is confused.


Great to hear from you. You guys are officially the first family of the Gatorade blog. Congrats. Seems like the people at Vitaminwater would love to have you as a testifying witness if it gets to a trial. And while they're at it, they might as well get the owner of the store as well. Thanks for weighing in.

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