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Todd Charske

Sick Beauty pageants? What's this all about. I'm in marketing and I say market what you can. If the drink is soo good for you why wouldn't they want to market to the sick?

Hiren Shah

Thanks for informing me about Stamina. I play Tennis everyday. Please tell me where exactly is Gatorade available in India. Thanks in Advance.

Chhaya Deshmukh

How to get Gatorade powder in India?

Chhaya Deshmukh

How and where to get gatorade powder In India?


please plaease tell me where we get getorade powder in india

Chathan Varunni

From the connaught place in Delhi,the third big pharmacy(Thayoli Pharmaceuticals) has almost all flavours of gatorade.
In Bengaluru,u can get gatorade near Kunneswaram bus stand.


that is Interesting, Gatorade not available at grocery stores!!
I was recently going through the F&B industry report and noticed that Gatorade sales are minimal as compared to fruit juice etc. I was surprised that the brand of that stature and no shortage of marketing they had such low sales. But, seeing the above posts, I guess Gatorade needs to figure out its distribution.

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